• I have a professional arrangement with a supervisor with whom I discuss client material. However I do not disclose names of clients, and my supervisor is also bound by an agreement of confidentiality. In exceptional circumstances I might be put in a position where I may feel necessary to break confidentiality. In this respect I am guided by the Ethical Framework of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and my personal moral values. These extreme circumstances include the prevention of serious and immediate danger to the client or others (this includes physical and sexual abuse of children, acts of terrorism, or when I am told specifically about a serious criminal act). In such circumstances, I would discuss my concerns with the client and would limit the breach of confidentiality to a minimum.
  • With regard to note-taking, it is important for my work to keep records of each session. I keep these records in a locked cabinet and do not write the full names or write any identification details on these notes.


  • Sessions last 50 minutes, and will typically occur weekly at the same time and day, suitable to you and within my hours of operation. It is expected that the session will begin at the agreed time. Any session that begins after this time due to late client arrival for whatever reason cannot be extended beyond the agreed finish time.
  • If circumstances change and the session time and day are no longer suitable I will try to offer alternatives more convenient to the client.


  • Payment for each session is to be received via cash at the beginning of each session or via bank transfer prior to the session

Cancellation policy

  • If you are unable to attend a session please let me know as soon as possible, with at least 2 weeks notice for planned holidays. All cancellations require a minimum of 72 hours notice. If you cancel within 72 hours of your appointment then I will be required to charge the full session fee.
  • I will always aim to give you as much notice as possible of any holidays, training workshops, conferences or illness that might prevent me from being available at the time/day of the scheduled session. In such cases I will always aim to offer an alternative arrangement.
  • I will not conduct a counselling session if you present under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Ending Therapy

  • Counselling is a process with a beginning, a middle and an end. Usually our work ends at a mutually agreed time, giving enough time and consideration to the ending process. If you decide you want to finish suddenly, I will suggest a minimum of four ending sessions to explore the decision and end our therapeutic relationship.

Emergency Contact

  • The phone number and email address provided are to be used exclusively for cancellations, changes or in case of emergency. Calls and messages will be responded to as time permits between sessions within normal operating hours. Please note that messages will be monitored regularly but not continuously. Therefore, in case of an emergency you are advised to call the Samaritans on 116123 or the appropriate emergency services. Such as the hospital, dial for an ambulance and/or if appropriate contact your GP.