I went to Nhung following a period of high anxiety in my life. Not only did her therapy help directly with these feelings, it also addressed a wide number of other issues that I hadn’t even hoped to see progress on. Nhung is a warm, capable consultant who makes you quite at home with both her and the therapy very quickly.
— Ciaran, Brighton

I absolutely loved working with Nhung, I felt that her working method is refined and tailored to my individual needs. All sessions with Nhung were conducted with care and I felt safe, like I can totally trust and open up. We discovered many hidden and long forgotten ‘corners’ of my past. It was very exciting! We re-visited many of the memories from my childhood and teenage years, which brought back laughter, tears and excitement. 

During our sessions it became evident that over the years I have developed a fair bit of anxiety and various worries. It was a difficult process to untangle all the often complex issues and the reasons behind some fears and ways of thinking, But, with careful and thorough work, we eventually got there. It was liberating to finally tackle my fears and learn about new ways of coping with them. Nhung not only helped me to see and understand the issues I was having, but also helped me deal with them in ways that are most appropriate for me. I learned how to protect myself from being exposed to different energies around me. We cleared energies that tied me down. I felt more free and more protected. I am ever so grateful to Nhung for all the hard work and care I received.
— Linda, London

From the first session with Nhung, she was professional and thorough. We met for a consultation initially where she considered every area of my lifestyle, concerns, emotional issues/blockages to help me with my physical problem. I was made to feel comfortable at every step of the way and the discussions afterwards were always insightful.

Because of the nature of my problem, Nhung wanted to make sure that she was helping me find any possible root cause and so I had five sessions in total. Even in very emotional moments during regression, Nhung was supportive, responded to me quickly and helped me relax. She explored absolutely everything that needed to be addressed. Even though I have had regression sessions in the past, working with her was without a doubt the best regression therapy I have ever had. I really believe that she guided me in the best possible way without judgement and where I struggled, she encouraged me and suggested some really useful things to think about.

Just in a couple of months (over the span of our sessions) the pain I was experiencing prior to seeing Nhung has all but gone. My physical issue has began healing, and with the added help of seeing a health practitioner for physical treatment, I have been informed that the problem is curable which was something I was in doubt of previously.

This experience has been important, necessary, uplifting, enlightening and really priceless. It has given me the strength to dispel negative patterns when they are triggered and the motivation to keep on building confidence in my path to healing. I will continue to work on myself through meditation and the excellent techniques Nhung introduced me to.
— Stephanie, London

The regression therapy sessions with Nhung for me were a real jaw dropper. The problems we had to uncover and work with were rooted deep in my past and only because I felt comfortable to emotionally open up for Nhung, I could go through it. While keeping it strictly professional she managed to be very friendly and positive and I did not have the therapist-patient feeling which is important for me. 

She helped me to find the real reasons for my emotional and mental discomfort. The whole time I felt like I was in safe hands and we were having rapid progress. I started to be more relaxed, feel more “free” and happy as if some rocks came off my chest and things in my life just started to work out. 

It was definitely an experience I’ve never had before. The sessions made a huge positive difference in my life.
— Jekabs, London

Having never really gone through this kind of process before I was instantly put at ease by Nhung.  She was incredibly easy to talk to and the hypnotherapy was an enjoyable process from the first session. The techniques used were incredibly relaxing and allowed me to go into my thoughts / feelings in a way that I had never explored before. 

Nhung was very supportive and offered some great techniques and suggestions in how to deal with and process emotions that were holding me back. I would highly recommend anyone to go through this process and I believe it has changed my outlook for the better.
— Matt, London

Working with Nhung is a pleasure due to her conscientious and dedicated approach to the work. Nhung is very thorough and wants to get a really good picture of what is happening with her clients so she can serve them as best she can. I really enjoyed working with her because of her empathy, her gentle approach and her dedication to finding out what was really at the root of certain issues. 

In terms of how Nhung specifically helped me, we did a couple of regression therapy sessions, which were connected to my ongoing anxiety issues. Through the work that we did, I felt I had found a deeper root to my issue than I had previously explored, and the way that we stayed with what was happening - as guided by Nhung - allowed me to go more consciously into past issues to explore how they affected me in the present day. As we finished the sessions, Nhung left me with a couple of phrases and movements I could repeat to bring me back to a certain place of calm within myself, which I repeated long after our sessions. The results were outstanding. I felt I had really been able to pinpoint a place of terror in my memory, which I could now begin to process and move through.

What I really liked about Nhung’s approach in particular was the sense of resolve and persistence to help clients that Nhung has when dealing with them. I felt really heard and cared for, and I feel like Nhung is a truly talented and intuitive practitioner. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a transformative and life changing experience. Thanks so much Nhung - I have felt the effects long after our sessions together.
— JS, London