We are, each of us, made up of two parts. The first is our conscious. This is the part of us that thinks hard, plans, fits in with other people and worries about what we should and shouldn't do. The second part is our unconscious. This is a more primal, more feeling side of ourselves. It is the stuff of dreams, ambition and desire. You may well have an idea of these two sides within yourself. The first is the more present, more day-to-day and more pragmatic side of yourself that gets you through the details of life. The second is the deeper part of you that gives you a powerful sense of who you are.

A great many of our problems spring from the two parts of ourselves working against each other. To put it crudely, there being a conflict between what we think we should do and what we want to do. Typically we lose contact with our unconscious mind. 

The process of hypnotherapy allows you to bridge the gap between these different parts of yourself. As you begin the work you will come to learn about many parts of yourself, not just the conscious and unconscious. You will, through the work, learn how to allow your different aspects to communicate with themselves. In doing so, you will begin to find a harmony among your motivations. The reality of this is that in doing so, you can make radical changes to your life. This might be giving yourself to change career, overcoming a phobia, lifting yourself up out of depression or allowing yourself to experience genuine contact and love with another.  This is all done through the tool of hypnosis.

The Hypnotic State

The majority of our sessions will involve me moving you to a state called hypnosis. Often popularized to be far more dramatic or scary than the reality, it is, in fact, an incredibly natural and time-honoured method for managing our well being. While it involves deep relaxation it is not akin to sleep. In the state, the barriers around your unconscious mind begin to drop and you are able to open up deep and insightful communication with yourself. It is important to remember that this is different from being unconscious. You are still well able to say when you want to come up and out, and you will at all points be aware of what is happening.

Normally this will last about an hour to an hour and a half, all depending on what feel's comfortable and how much progress we are making. Our sessions will start and end quite mundanely with a few questions as to how things are. When we both feel ready, I will begin to guide you into a state of hypnosis. 



    Hypnotherapy Techniques



    Advanced techniques including parts therapy, emo trance, colour therapy, regression therapy as well as suggestions. these involve active participation therefore throughout the session I will be in dialogue with you

    empowering, as the client you form your own solutions












    In addition I also work with the following areas using solution focussed hypnotherapy and regression therapy techniques :

    • Weight loss
    • Fears & phobias
    • Smoking cessation
    • Self-esteem / confidence
    • Sleep disorders
    • IBS
    • Performance enhancement, motivation and focus
    • Habits and addictions
    • Stress management
    • Unexplained health conditions
    • Pain management




    How Do I Know if I Can Be Hypnotised? 
    Most of us can recall a time when we have reached our destination without actually noticing how we got there, that is because we were in a trance state, our mind was focused elsewhere. Virtually everyone can enter the hypnotic state using the right techniques and a hypnotherapist with whom you can build a good rapport. Some of the best hypnotic subjects are intelligent people with a strong ability to visualise.

    Is There Anything I Can Do Before My Session To Make Going Into Trance Easier?
    Those who meditate regularly go into trance quicker as they are more practiced in quieting the analytical mind. If you do meditate you could try making it a regular part of your daily routine in the weeks prior to your session. 

    Will I Be Unconscious? 
    EEG recordings show that during hypnosis you are more alert than during the waking state. It is similar to daydreaming or to how you feel in the few seconds before you drop off to sleep, when your attention is focused inwards and you are less aware of what is going on around you. You are in a state of deep relaxation where the analytical part of your mind closes down and you are able to tap into the resources in your unconscious mind.

    Will I Still Be In Control? 
    Definitely. You retain full control throughout entire hypnotherapy session. You cannot be made to do anything against your wishes and will not disclose anything that you wish to keep a secret.







    Hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool that is design to assist you in reducing or in completely solving a range of personal issues. These include emotional problems such as anxiety, anger, powerlessness, guilt, sadness, shame, guilt, loneliness, betrayal and fear.

    At Mistral Therapies we aim to work one to one with clients in a safe nurturing and therapeutic environment as we examine, explore and address personal issues.

    Whilst, in a hypnotic state you remain relaxed but in control and aware; able to communicate at many stages of the process. We use visualisation and suggestion to work with the subconscious mind on the areas of conflict as we effectively teach it new ways to respond to your problems.


    Please call and discuss with me any particular issues as we can always develop a relevant treatment plan to meet individual need. I always from the client as the centre of the treatment and work outwards, as in my experience we change ourselves and others often change around us as a direct result of this difference.


    Sometimes as part of your treatment I may ask you to complete additional tasks outside of your treatment as a way to reinforce any changes made during your sessions. Sessions are expected to last between two and 2 1/2 hours for an initial interview which includes reviewing your questionnaire and working out the best treatment plan for you. In essence I expect general issues to be complete in 3 sessions, unless other issues arise to be dealt with; such as migraines, exam preparations for recalling information during exams, Fears and Phobias.  More complex issue such as Weight gain and Weight loss, Jealousy,  Anger management, could be up to 4 or more sessions. This will be discussed in-depth before treatment starts. 


    When in a trance you will be in light state of semi-conscious awareness and in that state you will be able to talk to me in discussion as you move forward. You will not be instructed to anything radical as this is treatment aimed at healing your problem. Not only this, hypnotherapy cannot plant anything negative into your subconscious and so it is a gentle and reflective method of treating a fear, phobia or habit.  If you are not suitable for treatment this will be discussed with you at your session, as often during your interview areas will be covered that will provide the relevant information. All treatment sessions are conducted in strict confidence and records are held in a secure cabinet. It is a marvellous treatment that allows you the client to remain in control as you navigate areas for healing.